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3 Ways to Improve Your Child's Memory Through Visualization

Our brains love pictures. That's why we remember movies more easily than books. But even with books, as we recall passages, we can see the action pass before our eyes.

The process of calling up images is called visualization and it's a wonderful tool for any number of activities. Olympic athletes use it to imagine the perfect race; Businessman use it to imagine getting a major contract; adults use it to imagine a peaceful and happy life.

Research has shown that you can improve any part of your life when you take the time to picture the result you desire. Well, why not use visualization to improve your child's memory?

How? By harnessing the power of images to burn information into the brain so that they can recall it instantly.When your child sits down to commit things to memory, she needs to see what she's studying so that the brain can file it accordingly.

Let's take a look at how your child improve their memory using visualization starting today.

1- Learning vocabulary - When she sits down to study for a vocabulary quiz, she needs to see the word in action. In fact, she needs to include herself in the action. So, have your child create a scene where the word is being used. This is visualization. The fact that she's in the image makes it even stronger and easier for the brain to hold on to the meaning.

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