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Sunshine through Window may cause Wrinkles

It is a well-known fact that exposure of body to direct sunlight leads to wrinkles, but it could be a surprise for those who are confined into car and working in close to window, can have wrinkles due to sunshine, says a new study.

According to the researchers at the University College Hospital, Besancon, in France, the sunlight coming through the glass van damage the skin that is exposed to rays and leave you looking seven years older than the others. Even few hours of sitting in a closed car during summer can cause wrinkles on your face.

The study found that glass does block the sun's UVB rays, but about 50 per cent of UVA rays, associated with burning and ageing, do come through the glass windows. The researchers came with finding that the portion of a woman participant’s face closest to her car window looked more than seven years older than the opposite side.

Further, Clinical measurements found more signs of ageing including more, and deeper, wrinkles, dark spots, droopy and leathery skin and broken blood vessels.

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