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Don't forget to drink plenty of water during the holy month of Ramadan. At least 8 glasses distributed in small quantities so not to feel bloated.
Avoid salty foods, such as canned or processed foods, salted nuts, and pickles, because these will increase your thirst during the fasting period.
Eating your soup and salad slowly at Iftar will help you feel full and prevent you from overeating later from the main dish and sweets.
An excellent source of healthy protein and heart healthy fats. Aim to have fish 2-3 times a week.
Toothache: Swoosh a bit of whiskey, scotch, brandy or vodka. A strong mouthwash that contains alcohol will do the trick too.
Control Toothache: Mix a heaping spoonful of salt in a small glass of lukewarm to warm water, swoosh around inside your mouth for as long as you can, spit out. Repeat a couple times.
Take one liter of water and put some slices of Lemon (One lemon is enough)leave it over night and next day use the complete water to drink. It reduces your weight and also keeps you active.
Taking an oral anti-inflammatory about an hour before waxing will not only keep the skin from swelling, but it will also alleviate some of the pain associated with waxing. This is optional and at your discretion. Some salons also sell topical pain relievers that you can spray or rub onto the skin. These take a minimum of 15 minutes to start working. If they are oily at all, you will need to cleanse your skin again before waxing.
It's best not to wax when your skin has had a lot of sun exposure, when you are menstruating, or when you have used aggressive skin care products (such as AHA or retinoid treatments). Give your skin about a week after any of these before you wax.
Soak the area to be waxed with a warm water for 5 to 10 minutes. This hydrates the skin and the hair making removal easier
Hand Wax :Use a loofah, exfoliating cream or washcloth and rub in circular motions. You want to remove any dead skin cells that may clog the hair follicle and cause ingrown hairs. Avoid irritating your skin by rubbing too hard.
Use a gentle soap to clean the area you want to wax. Avoid using very hot water as this may irritate your skin.
Do not wax over moles, skin tags, or lesions as they could rip off during the waxing procedure. Put a small band-aid over them as a reminder, and be sure to point them out to your aesthetician before waxing begins.
Never, ever leave anyone, particularly children, in a parked car in warm or hot weather. The temperature in your car can rise 20 degrees F (more than 6.7 C) in 10 minutes when parked in the sun.
Exercising for long hours in summer can get weary. So, you may split up your workouts or exercise twice in a day instead of working out for 30 minutes once at a time.
Never step out without applying sunscreen on your skin. Always wear a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher to prevent sunburn even on cloudy days.
Exercise either early morning or early evening. Avoid working out from 10 am to 3 pm as this is the hottest part of the day.
Grilled or baked potatoes are known to help in gain weight to the body due to presence of carbohydrates and complex sugars in them.
Beans are best substitutes for those vegetarians who cannot gain benefits from animal proteins.
Easier method to add calories to the body it is better to change the cooking oil which can be chosen from among olive oil, canola oil that also are found to be beneficial for body health.
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