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Chicken breasts taste best if you whack them with anything sturdy (like a rolling pin) beforehand. Meat tenderising is a thing. Or cut them across the grain (short sections, not long) as this also cuts the fibres and looks best for serving.
Separate your bananas (and store them away from other fruit) to prevent them from going off quicker.
Soak popcorn kernels in water for 10 minutes, drain then pop, for super-quick popping, fluffy popcorn.
Over salted your soup or stew? Plop in a potato (peeled, mind you) and the it will absorb all the salt. (It takes about 10 minutes.)
Pop a celery stick into the bread bag if it starts to go off. This is said to restore the freshness for a bit.
Don’t let leftover wine go to waste. Freeze it in wine cubes and use for adding to sauces like bolognese.
To remove any funny food odours from your hands, washing them with salt or rubbing your hands against the stainless steel tap work a charm.
Take your pasta off the stove just a tinge before al dente. When you pour it into the colander, quickly pop the pot back below to catch the water. The steam will keep the noodles hot and stop them from sticking.
Before chopping chillies, rub your hands with veg oil to prevent them from absorbing the chilli oils.
Using Spray 'n' Cook in measuring cups before measuring sticky ingredients like honey and syrup, makes them slide right out.
Freeze bananas without their skins (because they’re a hack to peel when frozen) for epic smoothie additions.
Eggs peel easiest if you add some bicarb to the water and then pop it in cold water afterwards.
Egg shells are best for fishing out bits of egg shell. Why? Because they’re sharp and cut through the egg.
Keep your butter in the freezer and then grate it for baking and pastries. It mixes into the flour easier and melts quicker.
If you place your meat in the freezer for a bit, it’ll be easier to cut those wafer thin slices for carpaccio.
Don’t bother peeling garlic, just cut off the root end and squish it with the flat side of the blade.
Use cooking spray to make less of a mess-When measuring out super sticky ingredients (hey, @honey, I see you), coat your measuring cup with a butter- or oil-based cooking spray first. It ensures the sticky substance will slide right out and prevent you from having to scrub at your cups forever afterward.
Microwave your sponge-For just a few seconds when it's (seemingly) irreparably gross.
Polish your copper with ketchup-Dab some ketchup (yes, ketchup) on a cloth and rub it all over your copper. Rinse it in warm water and voilà: good as new.
Use salt to soak up eggs-In the off chance you drop a raw egg (I mean, it never really happens) (I'm kidding, this is the worst and most common kitchen problem ever), throw some salt on the remnants. It'll soak up the egg whites. Science! Magic!
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