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If you drop an egg on the floor, cover it with salt and let it remain like this for a couple of minutes. You will be able to easily clean the mess with a paper towel.
To unclog a drain, mix a cup of salt with a cup of baking soda. Pour these into the drain, and then add a pot of boiling water.
You can clean darkened aluminum pans easily by pouring in two teaspoons cream of tartar mixed in some of water. Place on heat and boil for 10 minutes.
To cut grease and odour on dishes, add a tablespoon of vinegar to hot soapy water.
To easily shred cheese, place it in the freezer for 30 minutes. The firmer cheese is less likely to make a melted mess on your grater.
To get yogurt in winter, place the container in a warm place like oven or over the voltage stabiliser.
If the yogurt has become sour, put it in a muslin cloth and drain all the water. Then add milk to make it as good as fresh in taste. Use the drained water in making tasty gravy for vegetables or for basen curry.
Place a raw peeled tomato in the bow, it will absorb the extra salt.
To keep the vegetables fresh for longer time wrap them in newspaper before putting them in the fridge.
Tamarind is an excellent polish for brass and copper items. Rub a slab of wet tamarind with some salt sprinkled on it on the object to be polished.
Place overripe tomatoes in cold water and add some salt. Overnight they will become firm and fresh.
Put 2-3 cloves in the sugar to keep ants at bay.
Preserve the samosas in freezer. For eating, take out of the freezer two hours in advance and bake them over low temperature.
Don`t throw away the rice water after cooking. Use it to make soup or add it in making dal (lentils).
Put a small paper packet of boric powder in the container of rice to keep insects at bay.
Add 5gm of dried powdered mint leaves to 1kg of rice. It will keep insects at bay.
Add a teaspoon of canola oil in the water before boiling the rice to separate each grain after cooking.
Add a few drops of lemon juice in the water before boiling the rice to make rice whiter.
To prevent formation of ice, rub table salt to the insides of your freezer.
Potatoes will rot quickly if stored with onions.
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