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Cauliflower With Crispy Onion

By: Admin
Region: Indian
Dish:Vegetarian - Breakfast/Tiffins/Snacks


850 gms cauliflower florets
45 gms butter
60 ml olive oil
90 gms Italian breadcrumbs
20 gms garlic powder
45 gms onion
salt to taste
to taste pepper
950 ml vegetable broth
1 spring fresh thyme
5 gram chives
75 gms parmesan cheese, grated
5 ml truffle oil
25 gms crispy onion


Put the olive oil on medium heat in a large pot. Add garlic powder, chopped onion and thyme. Sauté for 1-2 minutes until the onion is translucent. Stir in salt and pepper.

2.Add the roasted cauliflower along with vegetable broth and stir well.
3.Bring to boil.

4.Add the thyme then cover and reduce to a simmer for 20 minutes.

5.Uncover and remove the thyme. Use an immersion or counter top blender to blend the soup until smooth.

Mix the parmesan cheese and chives.
At the time of serving garnish with crispy onion and served with a hint of truffle oil.
7.Mix the parmesan cheese and chives


A delicious blend of cauliflower, thyme, garlic, chives and cheese topped with crispy onions. This is a great brunch or dinner party recipe to serve at home.

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